Final Farewell // 12-26-18

Farewell High-Velocity,

    Well it's that time, instead of beating a dead horse, trying to keep this once thriving community alive it's time for me to put the final nail in the coffin. I wish I was ending this on a good note rather than a somber one.
This organization, community, team whatever iteration or version you were involved with I want to thank you all for putting in time volunteering and investing their time and skill to help hV in any capacity. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone all the way from 3DWarlord to Zapphire, thank you everyone.

    I have fallen out of contact with the many faces both virtual and real alike that passed through here and I am very sorry for that. Allow me to be truly honest and authentic for this one final time.

I was always an outspoken individual, incredibly brazen, cold, an asshole and at times the funniest and goofiest bastard around. While I always knew my childhood was rough and difficult, I, however never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it'd shape me as much as it has. Without divulging too much, in my late 20s I discovered that I have been fighting an uphill battle all my life, the startling revelation that I have been afflicted with multiple mental illnesses due to several traumatizing experiences during my childhood. I don't wish to throw my family under the bus so I will not be sharing any specific details or experiences, this is not my intention but instead to help spread awareness the importance of how adverse childhood experiences shapes us and also how vital psychology is, since my family had such an aversion to therapy/psychology, I now truly know why, albeit much later in my life sadly.
    A new chapter in my life is about to begin, a path of healing and therapy that may last my entire life but even after discovering all of this and experiencing all the pain, hate, ignorance and despair throughout my childhood and life, I still remain strong and vigilant. I know if I give in and do nothing, I will only be perpetuating the cycle of pain, hate, ignorance and despair that people unknowingly inflict on one another in our daily lives. If I do bounce back and get back in a position where I can do something, I hope to start a charity but that is only after I overcome the many obstacles I have before me, this is only wishful thinking naturally...
    For those that are looking for resources regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences here are some helpful links:
For those that feel compelled to take the CDC ACEs questionnaire, I highly recommend it, this is coming from someone who has a verified CDC ACE Score of 10.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this farewell message, I intended it to be much longer but decided to shorten it, as I have a feeling not many will read this anyways. Once again thank you for all the both wonderful and bad times in all the games, matches and tournaments we all shared in.
Only if hV was helmed by better leadership who knows where this community could have gone, I am sorry for that, it would of been much more stable and possibly still going strong today that I know for sure at least, take care everyone.

Happy Holidays to everyone across the globe and have a wonderful new year, I wish you all prosperous and joyful lives.

R.I.P. - 1997 to 2018.
                                                                                                                         - Mervin "TopeZ" Iverson